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The ActiveH Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module provides your whole organisation with a comprehensive 360° view of the customer and their interactions with the business. Enabling the majority of calls or queries to be dealt with at the first point of contact. With information from the whole of ActiveH and any 3rd party systems you may have displayed in one place, increasing the quality of service and speed of response.

Key Features

  • Single view of your customer across multiple sources.
  • Dashboard / Snapshot overviews.
  • Telephony and Multi-Channel integration (email/webchat).
  • Workflow Alerts / Warnings
  • Customisable view depending on a user’s role and requirements.
  • 3rd Party integration.
  • Mobile enabled for users out in the field.
  • Integration across all key modules.
  • Rent and Repair interrogation and updates.
  • Integrated ActiveH Workflow and ActiveH Task Management system.
  • Customer profile and application learning.
  • Accessible and updatable ASB/Complaints/Adaptations cases.
  • Social media integration.
  • Realtime relational database updates, not data warehousing.
  • Enables efficient ASB and Complaint management.
  • Neighbourhood ‘associated area’ concept so they user can see the whole picture of the neighbourhood.
  • Asset and contact management.

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