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ActiveH Asset Management has been designed specifically as a major constituent of the housing management solution. Perfectly tailored to the needs of organisations managing its housing stock and although it is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the overall solution, it can also be used independently.

ActiveH Asset Management is designed around the management of properties and assets, incorporating everything connected to an asset. It is totally customisable for each organisation and is completely integrated with the core tenancy data.

Key Features

  • Asset, Land, Estate and Unit property management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Life Cycle Costing and Modelling
  • Asbestos Register
  • HHSRS, SHQs, WHQS Reporting
  • Electrical Checks
  • Gas Servicing
  • Stock Condition Survey
  • Bulk imports and exports

A fully flexible, feature rich relational SQL server database allowing full control configuration to the user to support organisation and operational growth.


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