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ActiveH Lettings offers a real-time Lettings environment with comprehensive Choice Based Lettings, Banding, Points Based, configurable Priority policies and Common Housing Registers. Web components extend the system out to the customer who can make their own choices within the policy applied and so enabling administration savings for the business.

The management of applicants, waiting lists and tenancy transfers can be a complex business with differing policies and procedures often within the same organisation. ActiveH Lettings is highly configurable allowing you to operate however your organisation chooses. Working with multiple policies, workflow can automate much of the decision-making process resulting in the customer being kept informed, speeding up the process and delivering reduced costs and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • User configurable questionnaires
  • Date, Bands, Points or Choice based lettings priorities
  • Integration to Common Housing Registers
  • Automated re-assessment on change of circumstances
  • Automatic or manual matching of applicants to properties
  • Full generation of applicant letters
  • Offer letters and other correspondence by user defined templates
  • Automatic drill down for contact and applicant details
  • Unlimited size waiting, transfer and garage lists
  • Re-registration features
  • Output of details to support the population of Digital CORE
  • Integrated workflow for user customisation
  • Void asset management and control
  • Void action plans
  • Web components available to allow applicants to apply on-line
  • Integrated SMS text messaging
  • Integration to Electronic Document Management systems
  • Link to other ActiveH modules and internal policies

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