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ActiveH Case Processing provides a consistent framework for dealing with all key events and guides both the users and customers through, making sure the handling of any event consistent, thorough and compliant.

Whether it be Anti-Social Behaviour, Complaints, Void Management or other processes like Aids & Adaptation Assessments, Right to Buy, death of a tenant – any business process can be mapped in Process Management ensuring a consistent, well-structured and well documented approach. 

Workflow can automatically create tasks for other teams to complete and create progress updates to the customer, keeping them informed and happy that something is happening. The module includes built in cost management ensuring all costs relating to an individual case can be recorded and reported.

Key Features

  • Management of any defined process
  • User customisation through built in Workflow functionality
  • Automatic allocation of Tasks and Actions
  • Setting and monitoring of Priorities, Targets and Responses
  • Automatic Escalation
  • Collation of evidence
  • Wider view of issues across a number of Households or an Estate
  • Automatic communication generation
  • Creation of Letters, Email and Texts
  • Recording and monitoring interactions with other agencies
  • Integration to Document Management
  • Management cost analysis


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