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ActiveH Scheme Accounting (Service Charges) module has been designed to interact with whichever systems you store the main system information in, whether this is the Finance system, Asset Management system or another third-party solution. Scheme Accounting has the ability to store how properties and charges are split, how the apportionment is managed and the rules that need to be adhered to when calculating the charges. The end result is then a system that requires limited input from a user.

Each charging element can have its own administration / management fee associated to it.  It can also gather the associated budgets or actuals from different parts of multiple systems if required, providing you with a defined figure to use across a series of properties, blocks or schemes. With the ability to renew charges easily on a periodic basis that meets your business needs, you have a very flexible automated system which simplifies what is often seen as a complex procedure. 

Key Features

  • Capture and Manage the Service Charges
  • Apportion charges across Properties
  • Leaseholders Charge or General Service Charge Management
  • Service Charge Capping
  • Automated Tenancy rules
  • Full audit trail of cost build up.
  • Charges directly transferrable to the Rent Accounting module.

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