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Smart Browser is a graphical, easy to use end-user tool which allows the creation of ad-hoc and tactical reports.

Smart Browser is designed to be an end user drag-and-drop list-based reporting tool, allowing reports to be created across all areas of the business saving time for your IT team. The system maps out the data relationships for you and the output is instant and can drilldown from the report into the underlying information. You can easily export the information from the report into Excel for any further analysis needed.

Key Features

  • 43 business areas to report
  • Information linked together automatically by the system
  • System defaults to most commonly needed information
  • Information displayed, sort sequence and selection criteria by under user control
  • Fully integrated into the ActiveH modules
  • Full drill-down back into the system to allow updates to be completed while reviewing the report.
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Text, RTF and many other industry standard formats

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