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ActiveH Web is a brand-new product which provides the core features currently available in ActiveH Desktop, designed specifically for the web, using the same business engine as ActiveH Desktop, and designed to operate in a web browser and hosted environment.

The focus of this product is on the areas of the system that undergo the most frequent use – i.e. daily data entry screens as well and many queries and analysis.

The initial release of ActiveH Web provides the key functions for a CRM operative.

The areas available are: -

  • Home page - critical info – security respect - GDPR
  • CRM Call entry (Contact Search / Contact Dashboard / Contact timeline)
  • Contact Update
  • Rent Account Summary / Financial / Arrears Management
  • Raising / chasing Repairs
  • Task management

ActiveH-Web is being enhanced and developed every day to bring more functionality online.

The next set of features to be released later this year are:

  • Outbound comms
  • Asset - View/Update
  • Rent Account Details (Tenancy Management)
  • Rent Arrangements
  • Rent Payments and Adjustments
  • Repairs Appointments
  • Repair Inspector
  • Go Mobile (auto switch to Mobile working
  • Workflow

One of the key aims with the product is to create predictive assistance, so that when a call comes in, the system identifies what this person may be asking about and offers quick answers or solutions. For example, if a repair appointment is booked, and the operative has not yet arrived at the property, if a member of that household calls in, they’re probably chasing this. The system can anticipate this and offer quick-actions which will complete the call with minimal input from the operative.

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