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ActiveH ProActive Arrears offers a solution that allows the system to target tenants that may be in difficulty or recognise tenants that may end up in difficulty. Focusing income management on key debt, colour coding each account to highlight the importance of the case and allowing you to target which accounts are more of a priority than others.

ActiveH ProActive Arrears determines how someone is in arrears (missed agreement payment, under payment of rent charges, reduction in housing benefit) and then prioritise this arrear using a series of complex formulas. The results of the formulas are determined by historical information around the tenant and how they have managed their account and considers other influences that are outside the scope of the tenant. This could be a reduction in housing benefit, a rent change that the tenant has not acknowledged or the introduction of a subsidiary account that the tenant is not paying towards. In all cases, the ActiveH system is not only aware of all situations but can target the reason for the debt as a priority.

  • Prioritise Debt
  • Reduce Arrears
  • Effectively Manage Rents
  • Management of the Universal Credit Demand.
  • Increase Cashflow
  • Predictive Analytics

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