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18 Mar 2019

You’ve got a CRM system – they’ve been around a while now haven’t they, but you’re yet to consider the benefits of a mobile CRM system. What benefits could that possibly provide to a housing association more than a central CRM solution?

Its true that only around 30-35% of housing associations currently have a mobile offering when it comes to CRM. It is an increasing number, but the benefits are still yet to be realised in the main by the industry.

Simply, a mobile solution delivers efficiencies and savings back to the organisation over and above a static office based solution. It’s not just about what service the customer receives – although that undoubtedly improves when you have a 360 degree view of them – but it’s also about cutting costs, in terms of expenses incurred and employee based time costs.

Overwhelmingly those of our clients that have a mobile solution have implemented it to empower their housing officers to get back on the beat. Knocking on doors and dealing with tenants face to face yields a more personal approach and often better results. Equipped with the ability to call up information whilst working remotely and deal with issues as they occur and in the place they occur, they are able to save time, be more efficient and solve issues. It prevents unnecessary trips back to the office – saving on time and petrol – means that less officers are office based, and therefore require less desks and office space – whilst tenant arrears may also be ‘collected’ faster via a more human approach.

There are enormous benefits in being able to log into the data required there and then and find an instant solution. The housing officers are empowered to act for the good of their tenants. The housing officer can pre-empt and take control, driving efficiencies much more easily and rapidly than ever before. It’s the ability to take the information you need everywhere with you, whilst also delivering information back to the organisation so that other departments can react faster. Logging repairs and sending out workmen to fix issues is one such area, or logging a call to clean graffiti on the side of a building for example. In essence a Housing officers can be multi-skilled, performing surveys or adding benefits to other members of staff or departments.

In reality there needn’t be lots of user licenses required either. 10 concurrent licenses may serve up to 20 housing officers for example – its unlikely for them to be logged into the system all at the same time.

So if you haven’t considered the impact that CRM – specifically mobile CRM can have on making savings across your organisation, perhaps now is the time to consider it.

For more information please contact Karina Al-Hakim on 0845 330 2325 or email

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