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19 Mar 2019

Karina Al-Hakim shares her experiences of the 2018 Scottish User Group.

They say time flies when you’re having fun and it must be the case; it only feels two minutes ago that I was writing about the Scottish User Group 2017 and here I am writing about the same event in 2018. Once again, we enjoyed another welcoming and wonderful session with our Scottish Customers.

This year’s event was organised and hosted by MIS-AMS, and kindly accommodated by Lanarkshire Housing Associations. Attendees included Lanarkshire, Hebridean Housing Partnership, Berwickshire Housing Association, Melville Housing Association and River Clyde Homes.

Scottish MIS-AMS customers arrived once again with lots of ideas, enthusiasm, thoughts and insights which made for such a useful day for all that attended. User Groups are a great place for customers to share ideas and best practice, not only for the benefit to their day to day business but for also influencing future development of products. This year again felt like we all took away additional knowledge and built upon our close relationships with our customers.

Topics discussed on the day were varied and included (but were certainly not limited to) an overview of the latest developments at MIS (in relation to what has changed and happened in the last year) and compliance. Compliance was and is a hot topic for all our customers and we discussed it at length on the day, both in terms of the ins and outs for the business and exploring how Asset Management is key in managing this area.

With GDPR on everyone’s minds prior to May 25th, we ensured we covered this and shared our own experiences as a business. We discussed how our ActiveH system has been developed to ensure this data legislation is taken care of as an out of the box solution.

Another interesting topic and MIS product covered was ActiveH Lite and how this is already resulting in measurable efficiencies for MIS’ smaller HA’s and charity clients across the country. This is a smaller version of our ActiveH solution and is suitable for those with portfolios’ of 1000 assets or less.

This year, for the first time, we presented and showcased our exciting new ActiveH Web application. The room seemed very engaged throughout the presentation and excited by ActiveH web and its features. ActiveH Web is currently being developed by MIS-AMS and is a Web front end to ActiveH. It will allow staff access to the ActiveH system via a web-based browser and therefore functionality will no longer be limited to a client installation. MIS-AMS decided that the focus of the first stages of development for ActiveH Web were to be on the areas of the system that undergo the most frequent use (for example, the data entry screens). ActiveH Web is due to be released as a beta trial in October 2018.

Concluding the discussions, we touched upon Mergers, Tenant Engagement and finally Mobile Hybrid.

I thoroughly enjoyed my second User Group up in Scotland and loved how everyone shared openly their views and experiences with other people in their industry. I’m always keen to get out and meet our clients and build upon the great, long term working relationships we have here.

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