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29 May 2019

MIS AMS’s annual Staff Conference took place in December 2018, with all team members coming together to celebrate successes, talk through ways to improve and explore new developments that lie ahead in 2019.

2018 was a record-breaking year for MIS AMS, with more client wins than ever before, so there was much to celebrate and talk about when all staff joined together at the Lion Salt works in Northwich on 18th December.

Chris McLaughlin, MD of MIS AMS said: “In a year that has seen the business flourish with seven new account wins, the teams have been busier than ever before. It can be easy in a busy year to focus solely on what you’re doing that week and lose sight of the bigger picture and what the company as a whole is really trying to achieve.

“With such a large team it is hard to get the whole team together, so this was a fantastic day to join as one and review last year and look ahead to 2019. We wanted everyone to stop thinking about their day to day duties and focus more on the industry around us, trends, the future and what we can do better.

“We are extremely proud of what we achieved in 2018, the team strength that was shown, and what professional development was undertaken. So, we made sure we left some time to celebrate, chat and have some fun and truly show our appreciation of everyone’s hard work.”

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