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01 Apr 2020

With daily life having been turned on its head almost overnight, adjusting to our new circumstances is a challenge for all of us. MIS Active Managent Systems new business consultant Karina, tells us how she is adjusting to her new normal, and gives us her top five tips for working from successfully.

Can you tell us a little about yourself; your role at MIS AMS, what team you work in, your favourite part of your job?

I work in the new business team as a new business consultant and my role is varied and includes, but is certainly not limited to, account management, attending exhibitions and demonstrations, arranging and attending our customer user conferences, ad hoc attendance at individual customer user groups and putting customers in touch with each other. I’m also involved with our quote and order work and our tender processing.

I spend most of my time in account management with our customers - day to day emails, phone calls, remote and onsite meetings. Building relationships is something I really enjoy and value, so I would say that is my favourite part of my role. I’m very customer and people focused, so working in the new business team suits my personality too.

How are you continuing to do your job and stay engaged with colleagues and customers?

It was tough the first few days getting to grips with a new routine, acclimatising to working in my own home and getting used to being away from the office and all my colleagues. I’m used to a team around me and the background noise of an open plan office.

We were set up to work remotely prior to the lockdown, so we have access to everything we need. It’s effectively like working in the office and probably something we’ve taken for granted until now! My immediate team – the new business team - all touch base first thing in the morning. We use Microsoft Teams to hold a conference call, and we check in with each other on a personal level as well as talking about ongoing work and who needs support.

MIS had recently rolled out a new telephone system, which enables staff to make calls via the internet and from outside of the office, so I’m in touch throughout the day with my colleagues on the phone and obviously by email. Working from home has made me realise how often we speak to and support each other through our normal working day. I also check in with my manager at the end of the day; where along with business discussions, she makes sure I’m ok. Without her support and personal touch, I know working from home would be that bit more difficult for myself.

What are you missing about being in the office?

The free tea and coffee, and the breakfast van who visits the business park each day!

On a serious note, I’m quite an outgoing and helpful personality. I say hello to anyone and everyone I come across – in work and outside of work. We have our MIS-AMS staff, Emergency Service staff, Engineering Services and Incline staff all working out of our office building. Not one of them gets past without me smiling at them or saying hello. I’m enjoying having the radio on, but I’d swap it in a heartbeat to have all those personal interactions back. I can effectively work from home, as we are lucky to have everything at our fingertips, but I do miss the people I work with – they’re my work family.

What are your top five tips for successfully working from home?

1. I’ve kept my alarm set to a reasonable time – keeping a routine works for me.              

2. I like to get showered and dressed before I start work - I hear some folks like to stay in their pyjamas, and if that works for you then do that. For me, I want to make my working days as closed to ‘normal’ as I can. I guess it’s the mental association I make between work, the office and home life.

3. Keeping in touch and connected with my team and my colleagues brightens my day as well as giving me the support I need.

4. Going for a walk at lunchtime or after work - the change of scene and fresh air does something positive to me and my mood.

5. I like to have the radio on, at least for part of the day. I miss the hustle and bustle of the office, and working in a much quieter environment doesn’t make me happy (those that know me, know I’m rarely quiet!).

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