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28 Oct 2020

Triggered by Microsoft's licencing of Office365 and the move towards cloud-based infrastructures, the housing sector saw a marked shift towards SharePoint Online based electronic document and record management systems (EDRMS) in recent years.

Its lower cost and greater functionality promised better value than other 3rd party alternatives. With the capability to build in-house, providers could now get a system tailored to their precise requirements at a lower investment. In the face of challenges resulting from COVID-19, the SharePoint EDRMS trend has accelerated again.

Supporting your business continuity with real agile working

A good SharePoint EDRM solution effectively removes many of the pain points of agile working, making record access and storage simple from anywhere, at any time and on any device. It eliminates excessive amounts of time spent by team members locating documents, along with unnecessary record duplication which can corrupt data integrity and result in non-optimal storage use and greater costs. And by facilitating self-serve access to documents such as rent statements and tenancy correspondence, it can also take your customer experience to the next level whilst reducing demand on the contact centre. 
However, housing providers working across a housing management system (HMS) and an EDRMS without an interface, often find that the benefits of both systems become diluted, negatively impacting their value. With team members undertaking the time-consuming task of transferring documents and manually updating records across the two systems, efficiency gains are reduced and data integrity can be compromised due to the risk of human error when double handling records. 
Whilst updating their EDRMS to a SharePoint-based solution, an MIS-AMS customer recognised the importance of an interface in maximising the project's value and approached us for assistance. Naturally, we wanted to help.
Using the interface developed by MIS-AMS, documents can be sent to SharePoint EDRM and viewed directly from ActiveH, regardless of whether using ActiveH Desktop, Mobile or Portal. This enables fast and efficient on-demand retrieval of customer records for increased productivity across the housing team whether working from the office, in the field or at home. 

Key features and what they mean for your business outcomes

Key features of the interface include:

  • Automated processes ensure data integrity and consistency across the two systems - when data is created or modified in ActiveH, changes are automatically transferred to SharePoint and vice versa
  • Automatic indexing of documents - documents generated in or shared to ActiveH are automatically uploaded to SharePoint in the appropriate location to maintain the integrity of the filing system and ensure long-term productivity gains
  • Secure messaging feature for efficient, GDPR compliant resident communications - documents saved in SharePoint can be served to residents via secure message, signed and returned. Automated processes replace the unsigned version with the updated one

And the business outcomes:

  • Greater operational efficiency – team members locate and store documents with ease, and touch each document change or creation once. No more double handling or duplicating of records!
  • High integrity data for better business and management information, and omnichannel resident communications
  • Supports agile working whilst maintaining real-time, high integrity data
  • Better business continuity – no more paper records at risk of fire and flood damage
  • Supports GDPR compliance – one set of documents and data to maintain, saved within a secure environment

Additionally, MIS-AMS has recently extended its capability to develop SharePoint based EDRM systems in-house. So whether you need to interface an existing SharePoint EDRMS with your HMS, or build a new fully integrated EDRMS, we're here to help.

If you need to make agile working work better for your organisation with effective management of your records, their security and availability, get in touch with a member of the team to discover how our unified approach to your HMS and EDRMS can help you to accelerate your transformation, enhance operational efficiency and boost your customer experience.

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