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06 Apr 2021

The second UK-wide enforced lockdown saw Housing Associations again decide to limit repairs to essential works only. A necessary decision, but repairs, asset and housing teams now have some creative problem solving to do: once safe to do so, how do they get through the backlog of non-essential repairs that is steadily mounting?

With a relatively short space of time between national lockdowns and numerous regionally imposed ones in the interim, some housing associations may not have gotten through the jobs list created between March and June 2020, before enforcement of the second national lockdown. The task, for some, could be monumental.

So too could the impacts of slow progress. Outstanding maintenance issues could potentially affect residents’ living and customer experience. And some types of ‘non-essential’ repairs could develop into something more serious over time, becoming increasingly costly to resolve. So, how can the negative impacts of this issue be minimised?

Housing management technology may have some of the answers. Solutions like ActiveH Mobile Working, enable housing providers to streamline and optimise processes that underpin tasks and projects carried out in the field. It unites the relevant mobile and back-office systems, giving mobile workers, maintenance workers and contractors, the ability to access and update information from the main system at any time, from any location and any device.

With the power to trigger workflows, access full visibility of tasks and their progress, order parts, schedule appointments and much more without visiting the office or having to dock their device, usual process timeframes can be vastly reduced, and housing associations can achieve much more without taking on more resources. Full of feature-rich functionality, ActiveH Mobile Solution optimises repairs and maintenance processes across your internal teams and contractors, adding value across your housing operations.


Mobile CRM

The power of ActiveH CRM in the palm of your hand

  • real-time access to the ActiveH system with the capability to access and update information
  • full visibility of communications activity history, rent and payment records and agreements, responsive repairs and planned work
  • create tasks and actions remotely
  • trigger workflows on the host system to produce repair requests, statements, letters, schedule and actions

Mobile contractors

Give mobile contractors and maintenance teams around-the-clock access to the information and systems they need to progress jobs from start to finish faster and more efficiently

  • operatives get full access to their work schedule in real-time
  • 360-degree view of the property and residents with property alerts (e.g. asbestos present), and personal vulnerabilities (e.g. hard of hearing)
  • real-time, two-way updates to maintain a single source of truth and provide real-time job monitoring & job cost analysis
  • efficient management of materials usage, stock-level maintenance and re-ordering with van stock management facilitates

Mobile Tasking

Log and keep track of key tasks where service and time constraints are critical

  • allocate and automatically transmit tasks to teams or individuals
  • update progress in real-time, and trigger subsequent tasks for colleagues
  • full visibility of task history and progress

Mobile Inspector

Conduct a property inspection, and get works created and completed fast with mobile inspector.

  • using a mobile device, complete the survey and input data into the main system
  • create works orders and automatically assign them to a maintenance operative or post them to the Contractors Web Portal

Benefits for your organisation

  • process efficiency and enhanced productivity across maintenance teams, contractors and the contact centre
  • eliminates process and workflow delays due to information bottlenecks
  • reduce data duplication (e.g. temporary and paper-based records) and risks of GDPR breach
  • maintain single source of truth data
  • enhance the customer experience with swifter resolution, omnichannel communications and better face to face customer service
  • better visibility and control over repairs and maintenance operations

Benefits for your residents

  • Smoother, swifter repairs and maintenance processes
  • Up-to-date, accurate information accessible through omnichannel communications

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about ActiveH Mobile Working, get in touch with a member of the team.

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