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28 Mar 2022

Mobile Working: The Future of The Social Housing Sector

Social housing organisations face a variety of business drivers for implementing more flexible ways of working. There has been a huge shift in the need for hybrid working solutions as people need to be able to work from anywhere at any time, both online and offline. Read this blog to find out how housing providers can enhance customer service and improve a wide range of housing management processes using mobile working solutions.

Tackle Challenges with Mobile Working Solutions

Employees require more from their workplace tools and there is a common theme across social housing organisations where they want to:

  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Improve customer experience
  • Offer a more consistent property management approach
  • Provide more with less
  • Channel shift towards automation
  • Digitalise the delivery of services.

In a recent report, Housing associations in 2022: a strategic review, published by the National Housing Federation, a few points were highlighted by social housing associations that can be improved by enhancing services through accelerating innovation and hybrid working processes.

The report stated that some social housing landlords believe, “our performance sometimes falls short of our purpose. As social landlords, we are rightly held to higher standards than other kinds of housing, and we need to make improvements if we are to meet those standards over the coming years.”

“Because of the identified challenges we face as a sector, there are areas of performance where housing associations are honest that they are not where they want to be. Overall quality in our sector is high, and our homes compare well with other sectors. However, our members were clear that this quality should be more consistent and that there are times when we’ve fallen short of what residents should expect.”

You cannot build resilience if you’re anchored to the past. Dealing with challenges such as working with outdated, legacy IT infrastructure means significant change is required to increase workplace efficiencies on the ground and a shift towards enhancing processes means there is a need for technology that works in any location, without even having to access the internet.

By giving your workforce a single view of critical data that they can access from anywhere, social housing providers can gain a better understanding of people and their homes, empowering your teams to work more efficiently and mitigate challenges.

Build Resilience for the Future

The future of work in the housing sector is now about flexibility, blending office, home and working on the go, both online and offline. Social housing organisations should consider driving a digital approach to open the door to be able to introduce advanced housing management functionality. A comprehensive range of mobile capabilities will transform and streamline your service provision and help you build resilience for the future.

Migrating to cloud-based solutions enables you to improve collaboration and productivity across a dispersed workforce, keeping your team productive no matter where they work, without compromising on security. By introducing a variety of mobile communication tools, as well as repairs diagnostics and advanced task management capabilities, you can automate processes, monitor assets, and track tasks such as repairs, from anywhere. Combining this with more sophisticated, effective forms and processes that provide enhanced access to job records and information will only result in:

  • A better experience for both your staff and tenants out in the field
  • An increase in tenant satisfaction levels through faster response times
  • An effective mobile workforce that will be able to stay focused on crucial tasks
  • Automation that drives better performance across a wide range of solutions
  • Well-maintained, high-quality repairs
  • A first-class reputation.

MIS-AMS powered by Incline-IT offer extensive experience in accelerating digital transformation within social housing organisations and provide ongoing management of cloud services. Originally projected to take up to six weeks, the Arches Housing cloud migration was expedited and completed in just three weeks in the face of COVID-19. This allowed them to mobilise their workforce allowing their teams to stay productive from anywhere. See this case study for more information.

ActiveH Property Management Software

MIS-AMS offer mobile capabilities available via a single solution, all seamlessly integrated with the central ActiveH property management system. The ActiveH software is device and platform agnostic, so it can work online or offline, ensuring uninterrupted usage regardless of network coverage. Updates are passed to and from the relevant solutions, as repairs, inspections, surveys, and tenant visits are conducted and completed. Through convenient access to data, your teams can access a unified view of your customers and assets and deliver real-time updates directly from job activity.

ActiveH mobile solutions include:

  • Contractors – enables real time job monitoring and job costing analysis
  • CRM - take your customer relationship management to the next level
  • Inspector - conduct on-site inspections and record full job schedules
  • Repairs diagnostics – contractors and tenants can diagnose and raise repairs automatically
  • Surveys – create surveys that are unique and relevant to you
  • Tasking - keep track of key events where time is critical
  • Van stock - manage update and request additional stock directly from your supplier
  • + more.

The ability to access these solutions from anywhere, on any device, enables contractors and agile teams to get more done. It allows staff to gain access to all the information needed to respond immediately to customer queries, or to log appropriate tasks and workflow processes whilst they are out in the communities. The feature rich system ensures that housing providers can implement the most efficient working practices and deliver value for money services to its customers.

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