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27 Jun 2022

The costs of repairs and maintenance are significant across social housing. A recent report from MIS Active Management Systems (2021)* found the average annual spend on repairs and maintenance was £1,579 per property. This totalled a whopping £5.51bn annual spend across English housing associations in 2020.

With maintenance costs rapidly increasing, easily accessible, accurate and cost-effective data capture is considered one of the best property management tools, and yet until now, it has been underused and overpriced. Drones are changing this dynamic, with providers offering safer, faster, smarter, asset management solutions.

Many organisations are deploying drones as an inspection tool to help make smarter decisions when it comes to overall asset management and repairs. The cost savings demonstrated in the St Luke’s case study highlight the benefits this technology can bring to the sector, resulting in a proactive and cost-effective approach, which mitigates risk and streamlines workflows.

Click here to read more on the Local Authority Building & Maintenance website.

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