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13 Jul 2022

"This years CIH Housing 2022 conference was one of the best we have attended, with a lot more exhibitors and visitors. It was really great to catch up with existing customers and connect with many new faces."

Sava, one of our partners, interviewed Christopher McLaughlin, Managing Director of MIS Active Management Systems at Housing 2022.

Chris said, "MIS Active Management Systems provide housing solutions and software to the housing market both in the private sector and housing associations and local authorities. Some of the biggest challenges today are all about working towards net zero and collaborating as a whole so everyone can work towards a greater goal."

"Our relationship with Sava is a very long standing and stable relationship. We are fortunate that we work well together and have a lot of integration between our products."

"The best way for organisations to meet net zero, whether it is us working with Sava or the organisation, is all about collaboration. We are all working towards a greater goal and the benefits outweigh the challenges that are in the way. We understand what each party needs to get and how we get to that point. Because of the clear communication we achieve a fully functional and integrated product."

Click here to watch the interview.

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