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15 Jul 2022

As a property manager, it is your responsibility to fulfil enquiries and requests from your tenants, and your customers expect you to deliver them within a reasonable time. Productivity is stalled when staff must sort through these requests manually, which is why solutions such as an advanced tenant portal have become essential for any housing organisation looking for an efficient way to offer customers the high-quality service that they expect.

A tenant portal is an online platform designed to make renting easy by putting the information about a rental property in a single location which is accessible by you, and your tenants, whenever it is needed. It brings everything together on a unified platform not only for the ease of customers, but also for your housing management teams.

Modern tenants expect digital services and automation

Automation is now the standard for operations. It is a transformation of the property management industry and there is no going back. Your tenants expect to be able to view their current status such as property, arrears, and lease information, as well as pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and organise inspections - all without having to pick up the phone.

MIS Active Management Systems have a range of customers who have enhanced their customer portals to improve tenant engagement. Gateway have collaborated with us in recent years to advance their customer portal to keep up with tenant expectations.

Gateway said, "Gateway has grown steadily over the last five years, and as we grow, we continue to look for innovative ways to improve our tenant journey, asking those who’ll eventually be using it is the perfect way to ensure it meets our residents’ needs. Working with MIS-AMS we know we can continue to improve the portal together".

Gateway continued, "Our ultimate goal is to provide a higher quality service which is easier to use with greater focus on the needs of our tenants. Implementing the refreshed customer portal has empowered tenants and has given Gateway staff greater ability to solve issues before they become problems".

5 benefits of an advanced tenant customer portal

360° view of information

The ActiveH Customer Portal offers your customers a 360° view of customer information, providing 24/7 access to a range of online services including, amongst many other things, the ability to make payments, log repair requests, check rent balances, print rent statements and report anti-social behaviour. This reduces the stresses on your housing management team agents as they have the tools needed to anticipate customer needs and provide better services quicker.

Real-time updates on any device

An advanced tenant portal allows you and your tenants to access information quickly, in one place. You can exceed expectations by streamlining communication and promoting self-service on a convenient, flexible, real-time portal. The ActiveH Customer Portal is responsive by design, adjusting automatically to the screen size of the end user device whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Information submitted via the ActiveH web portal is updated to the ActiveH database in real-time and is instantaneously available to staff in the office and for mobile staff using the ActiveH mobile platform. With teams working from home, in the office and out on-site visiting tenants, access to accurate customer information via the ActiveH Customer Portal has opened up a simplified, more efficient way for staff to access the right information, wherever they’re based. This eliminates the need for housing management teams to waste time accessing multiple systems, or to wait until they are in the office to view or update information.

Enhance your services

Customer self-service portals eliminate many of the challenges that customers face when trying to get support. Reducing the need for employee intervention frees up agents and to handle more complex or urgent issues and it enables them to dedicate more time to each open case.

The ActiveH Customer Portal also enables you to enhance your services as you can provide a range of information to your customers, such as news, campaigns, and updates that customers may wish to sign up to, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Wow customers with reliable communication

Tenants need a fast, reliable way to interact with landlords, but staffing a 24/7 support centre can be both challenging and expensive. Channel shift is a key part of most organisations and the move to a self-service, tenant portal supports faster, more reliable communications leading to better relationships with customers. Self-service enables more calls to be logged outside the main call centre channel. This gives a better delivery of service to customers and frees up call centre resources.

Work smarter

The ActiveH Customer Portal can even help you deliver proactive support day or night. You can take the customer experience one step further by integrating your customer portal with your CRM and ticketing systems, thereby enabling agents to refer to prior support requests and offer personalised recommendations while talking to customers.

The goal of any business is, of course, to grow over time. As your business grows, so, too, will your customer base, and the volume of incoming customer support requests. With an easy-to-access online approach, you can give your tenants 24/7 access to key information, offer residents brand new capabilities, a fresh look and feel, as well as simplified processes.

Maintenance requests can be made directly from your tenants from within the tenant portal. This allows you to respond quickly to the demands of your tenants, resolve maintenance issues, communicate effectively, and maintain compliance successfully.

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