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04 Aug 2022

On the 18th – 22nd July 2022 we welcomed high school student, Archie Bannaghan, to the MIS Group to give him an insight into how the MIS Group works as a business. Providing work experience opportunities to students is something the MIS Group have done for many years as we are passionate about providing opportunities that help students to make more informed choices about their future. Everyone Archie spent time with had nothing but positive feedback!

About Archie

Archie will turn 16 in November and will then take his next step in education. He is exceptional in his art class, and he is on track to achieve good grades at high school. He is considering staying on at sixth form to study maths, English, art, and art graphics. Archie loves keeping fit and has taken part in boxing training from an early age. In his spare time, he likes to go clay pigeon shooting and looks after his 10-year-old 4 ½ stone British Bulldog!

Archie isn’t 100% sure about what he wants to do as a future career yet, but his interests range from architecture, becoming a tattoo artist, or working in a sales and account management role. He was excited to join MIS for a week to see how the business works and he was able to spend time with the MIS Active Management Systems company to learn about each department and what they do.

Archie really enjoyed getting to know the Customer Engagement Team. Following his experience, we learnt that he has a good personality and persona for account management, and this was a valuable experience that will help him to make better career choices in the future. Keep reading to find out what Archie thought of his work experience at MIS.

What did you learn about MIS-AMS?

Archie Bannaghan said, “I learnt how the business works, and the different departments of the business, such as: the Customer Engagement Team (CET), the Implementation Team, and the Software Development Team.”

“Andy Bannaghan, Implementation Director at MIS Active Management Systems, talked to me about (Gross) and (Net), explaining how you make profits within the company, as well as how the salaries work. He gave a me a brilliant example by using the sea and casting a net to take away a proportion of it and what you are left with is your profit. This helped me have a better understanding of how the business makes money.”

“Andy also talked to me about a customer and explained how the system can be used by customer services staff (call centre), housing managers, financial staff, and how the various aspects relate to their roles. This gave me a wider understanding about housing management systems, adding to what I already knew. I was given a detailed description of how problems in relation to residents are resolved and an overview of how housing problems are resolved. I was taught how the rent works as well as the benefits system.”

“In my session with Dani Brereton, Implementer at MIS Active Management Systems, I was taught about her position in MIS, and how her job works. Dani explained to me how she is constantly checking tickets and RFC’s and contacting people throughout the day trying to help them resolve an issue they may have. She also explained how to gain customer requirements for work delivery.”

“Dani also talked to me about the legal side of her job, and how they have got to be careful when contacting people, because if private information is given out to the wrong person, then there is a risk of not complying with GDPR. Personally, Dani’s position of work did not appeal to me, but I did find it quite interesting to listen to and I learnt about the importance of protecting sensitive information.”

The Customer Engagement Team

“At the start, Bern Taylor, Customer Engagement Manager and Dan Garbett, Customer Engagement Team Leader, gave me a small overview of how their position at MIS Active Management Systems works. They explained to me that their side of the work has a lot to do with communication with customers, which is what I am interested in. They both showed me how the ActiveH housing management system works and how they log any issues to be dealt with, as well as how they keep track on what enhancements are being added into the system.”

“They explained to me about the customer side of things and how important it is to engage with customers so you can build a trustful relationship with them. That way they know they can inform the right people of any problem they may have. This is important as they can communicate effectively to resolve issues.”

“They gave me a demo to see if I would buy the system, from a customer’s point of view. By showing me this demo, it gave me a wide understanding of how the housing management system works as well as how impressive the system is. In conclusion, I have to say this session interested me very much and I found it very enjoyable to speak to Bern and Dan. If I were to work at MIS, this would be the area I would like to work in.”


Archie left MIS with a boost in confidence and a better understanding of how an IT business works. He realised that there is more to an IT business than what he expected, and it is not just about programming.

When we asked Archie what he has taken away from his experience, he said, “I could not believe how quickly the week passed working at MIS. I thought it was much more interesting than school as it was a real-life experience of what a working life is like and that is something you don’t get by just studying. It has definitely made me consider a professional services role in the future, particularly around account management, and I think I would enjoy dressing very smart and presentable and building relationships with customers.”

“Thank you for allowing me to do my work experience at MIS this week. It has been lovely meeting you all and you are great people to talk to. The comfort I had when talking to you was great, I felt like I had known you all for years. I got some good insights about how the company works and which departments I enjoyed which will help me to decide what I want to do in the future. I have realised even more how important it is for me to get good grades and to focus on developing my communication skills to prepare for the world of work.”

Everyone at MIS wishes Archie all the best in the future and we can’t wait to see where his career path will take him.

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