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18 Mar 2019

We’re just back from the Housing Technology Conference in Oxford and a raft of really insightful talks – one of which got us thinking and talking.

Keynote speaker Alexis Conran talked about ‘Why Systems Fail’ – the idea being that you are only as safe as your weakest link. He used the 2003 Antwerp diamond heist, dubbed the “heist of the century”, as the main talking point of his session.

The diamond robbery is still one of the largest in history – thieves stole loose, gold, and jewellery valued at more than $100 million. As the plot unfolded to the media and the public across the world, it was soon realised that in fact the safe was left unlocked due simply to human error.

The bank had the highest level of security in place as expected, including multiple security mechanisms, a lock with 100 million possible combinations, infrared heat detectors, a seismic sensor, Doppler radar, and a magnetic field. But, as the bank quickly realised, you can have every system you like in place, but if your employees aren’t trained to use them – everything fails.

It got MIS-AMS thinking!

It got us thinking about our own processes – especially the training provided to customers on an ongoing basis.

MIS-AMS produces new business technologies all the time, with exciting new developments that can assist current clients in meeting higher demands, working faster, with more flexibility and efficiency. But, without equipping customers with the necessary experience, education or knowledge to use the latest programs and tools effectively, employees can feel frustrated, limited and stressed, which can have a negative impact on their motivation and performance. It can also lead to big mistakes being made.

It is crucial for any business to maintain its IT systems on an ongoing basis and upgrade when necessary. But deciding on the upgrades and getting someone to do the work isn’t the only thing you need to plan – you should also think about staff and how they will navigate the new systems.

Why should you train staff with IT systems?

With IT systems, whether they are new, old, you have changed the operating system, installed new software or added a new piece of hardware, staff will be faced with a change and a new way of doing things and just like the bank vault, things can be left wide open for error.

We suggest some of the reasons why training is so important:

  • It can minimise confusion and mistakes when the new system is implemented.
  • To ensure that employees can take full advantage of new and exciting features.
  • To guarantee that the budget spent on the upgrade is not wasted.
  • To minimise unnecessary work solving minor problems.
  • To make staff feel valued and empowered by updating their skills.

Don’t leave the bank vault in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it, it can be the best software in the world, but if you haven’t trained your staff to use it to maximum effect, it will cost you!

MIS AMS provides hands-on training on an ongoing basis. Please speak to Karina about training. 0845 330 2325 or email

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