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09 Apr 2019

Housing association River Clyde Homes has completed an extensive upgrade programme of its rent arrears and data capture functions using MIS AMS’s ActiveH software which has already seen savings of £55,000. The ‘not for profit’ affordable housing provider owns and manages over 5,600 homes and provides factoring services to a further 2,200 homes in the Inverclyde area.

Helped by the team at MIS AMS, River Clyde Homes carried out a strategic review of its current systems to identify which areas of its rent arrears processes could be digitally optimised by ActiveH.

“After reviewing our current system, we realised there was quite a bit of work to do to ensure our inner workings were streamlined and much more efficient. With the help of the team at MIS AMS we were able to create our own unique system, with developed modules, groups and rules to really give the business exactly what it needed in terms of reducing arrears,” said Lorna Williams, Business Performance and Systems Manager, at River Clyde Homes.

River Clyde Homes has already seen some financial benefits, Lorna continued: “Since the new system has been in place, we have seen a saving of over £55,000 – which is just fantastic. We now have one system, not two, that is easy for our staff to use and gives us that much needed 360-view of our customers. We have, with MIS AMS’s help created a system that is flexible and works with us as we progress more digitally in other areas of the business.”

The team at River Clyde Homes has also, more recently, gone live with another of ActiveH’s modules – Mobile Surveys.

Lorna said: “We were about to embark on our annual Tenancy Audit and knew this time we wanted to embrace a more digital way of working, so we purchased another of ActiveH’s modules to help us do this whole process better.

“We had 5,400 properties to audit, so being able to use digital systems to capture the vital information, erased human error and made the whole process for the team and customers alike much more efficient.  The information gathered in these audits is fundamental to shaping our services so adopting a digital system was key.

With GDPR also coming into play since our last audit, using the MIS AMS software made sure we were following guidelines and the information we captured was compliant. The initial audit was such a success, we are now rolling this out across the business for all our other surveys.”

Chris McLaughlin, managing director of MIS AMS said: “This was an excellent collaboration between River Clyde Homes and MIS-AMS – our joint approach to both these projects has seen software created that fits this company and its inner workings. We are proud of the financial savings we have helped create for the business, and also making processes much easier for the end user – which is always key.”

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