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05 Aug 2019

Welsh housing authority (HA), Tai Ceredigion Cyf has replaced its ageing housing management system with MIS-AMS’s ActiveH to bring together the disparate data from many different sources and deliver one unified solution across the organisation.

The HA, which has around 2,300 houses and 600 garages, undertook a stock transfer from the local authority over a decade ago inheriting the existing housing solution in the process. The new ActiveH solution will include a core housing management module, mobile working, asset management and a contractors’ module for maintenance job costing making operations much more cohesive. 

“The new ActiveH solution will deliver one reliable source of information across the whole organisation so that we can be confident we have the right information to hand to do our jobs efficiently,” explains Gavin Harvey, Head of ICT and Business Improvement at Tai Ceredigion Cyf.

“By contrast, the old system was showing its age, it was expensive to make even the smallest of changes and required us to bolt on other systems to fill in the blanks. Keeping on top of which source of data was the most up to date was almost impossible and extremely frustrating for our housing officers – every query required several telephone calls – time we simply don’t have.”

The inefficiencies of a system that took data from five different major systems was fraught with problems and meant some staff had even reverted back to using spreadsheets.

“MIS-AMS took a refreshing approach with their tender which was significantly different from others offering considerable value for money. Plus, I had universally positive feedback from customer references – no one had a bad word to say about the company or the software – which is quite rare in the housing sector”.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS-AMS said: “Technology should deliver efficiencies, costs savings and completely enable an organisation to achieve its objectives every day. Tai Ceredigion Cyf had reached a point where its technology wasn’t achieving any of the above, and worse was causing a list of problems that required fire-fighting.

“I’m delighted that the new ActiveH system will remove all the headaches and deliver a truly unified solution for management, housing officers and tenants alike.”

The system will go live at Tai Ceredigion Cyf on April 2020.

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