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17 Apr 2020

Supporting the Big NHS Lunch Box

Opinions on how we are coping as a nation with the pandemic have been massively divided. But one thing we unanimously agree upon is how invaluable, brave and incredible our NHS front-line staff have been.

At MIS-AMS we have all been happy to support the NHS by staying at home, but some of us have been eager to do more to help. One such team member is Matthew, who has been supporting the Big NHS Lunch Box; a charitable project run in collaboration with Subway which funds and distributes free meals to on-duty NHS staff working in Intensive Care Units across Greater Manchester hospitals. Matthew explains more.


How did you find out about the Big NHS Lunch Box, and how did you get involved?

I was initially made aware of the Big NHS Lunch Box project via a Facebook post asking if I would like to buy an NHS worker lunch. It seemed like a simple way of saying thank you to the people who are doing so much great work at this difficult time. When I read up about the project, it turned out to have been set up by an old school friend of mine, Rob, so I got in touch with him to find out more.


What were your main reasons for getting involved?

Staying at home on lockdown as advised by the Government is important. But whilst it helps towards fixing the COVID-19 situation, the inaction was personally frustrating and I wanted to contribute in a more productive way. After chatting with Rob, it was clear that I could use my skills and the spare time I have available to help raise awareness of this fantastic project, and support our NHS frontline workers.


What have you been doing so far to support the project? And what will you be doing in the near future to carry on helping?

I have assisted the project by firstly donating to it – which you can do easily here: Big NHS Lunch Box Donate, and working on the website to generate interest in it. We have a pair of guinea pig mascots that keep the general public updated on the daily sandwich drops, and provide shout outs to generous donors and sometimes perform a little song or two! The Big NHS Lunch Box makes and distributes up to 100 freshly prepared lunches at a time to several Intensive Care Units each day. I hope to help in future by distributing lunches to hospitals in my area too.


What would you say to any individuals or businesses thinking about supporting the Big NHS Lunch Box; why should they get on board?

Whilst we are privileged enough to be able to work from home, our NHS staff in Intensive Care Units are going to work in difficult and frightening conditions to do a job because it has to be done. They are literally putting their own lives on the line, and they do it willingly for others. People they have never met are being kept alive because these people decided to go to work today. These are truly special human beings. Getting involved with the Big NHS Lunch Box is one way that businesses and individuals can make these brave people feel less alone. Businesses should get on board because it is an opportunity to actively do some good. In a time where we are all being asked to do less, this is a simple way to do more. Individually, we can all make a real difference. This doesn’t have to be financially, just staying inside is helping the NHS immensely – but if anyone can spare a few pounds then they could buy a lunch today for the ordinary people working so hard in extraordinary conditions. It's a little 'thank you' that goes a long way to making these incredible people feel valued and appreciated.


How can people or businesses get involved?

Anyone can donate easily and securely here: Big NHS Lunch Box Donate

You can help to raise the profile of the Big NHS Lunch Box by sharing information about the project on your Social Media channels using #NHSLunchbox.

You can also volunteer to do a Subway drop to one of our supported NHS hospitals and hand over the delicious subs and cookies yourself, it feels great! For more information on this, see our Facebook page.

For businesses, there are a few sponsorship options, starting at only £150. As well as gifting a meal to our well-deserving NHS front line staff, your sponsorship will also see your company affiliated with a great cause! Your picture will be included in the “virtual paper”, you will be mentioned on all of the Big NHS Lunchbox social media platforms, and you will even get a huge shout out from Snowflake & Matilda the Guinea Pigs! To download the pdf, click here.

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