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23 Sep 2020

Having donated a total of £18,000 to eighteen UK foodbanks, MIS-AMS' Food for All campaign is nearing a close.  

The response received from customers’ of businesses across the MIS Group and the general public has been incredible. The whole company sends thanks to everyone that has helped to make this happen by nominating a foodbank or sharing information about the campaign.

MIS-AMS managing director, Chris McLaughlin said: "Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to speak with some inspirational foodbank volunteers and staff members from across the country, such as Inverclyde Foodbank senior management team member, Lesley Jackson. Upon speaking with Lesley, her passion for her work was abundantly clear." 

Like many foodbanks, the coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on the Inverclyde Foodbank. As the economic impact of the public health emergency increase, incomes are diminishing and more local people find themselves turning to foodbanks to feed themselves and their families. They are now sending out over 100 food parcels each week.

Lesley said: “Donations dropped initially, as fewer people were going to supermarkets. So we adapted, and asked our local people to help by arranging Neighborhood Food Collections.”

But inevitably donations of food items have decreased, as those on reduced incomes are less able to buy surplus items to donate. As a consequence, Inverclyde Foodbank found itself fighting hard to keep up with the surge in demand for food parcels. 

“We have some incredible communities here. Everyone has pulled together to do what they can. But it has still been hard keeping up with the increasing number of people needing our help," added Lesley.

“That is why cash donations like this help so much. We can re-stock on items we are running out of, and buy some fresh produce to help people get a balanced meal.”

Inverclyde Food Bank was nominated initially by River Clyde Homes, where the communications team rallied around and encouraged their staff and network to nominate the foodbank, which clearly makes an enormous positive impact on the local community. Over twenty nominations were put forwards for them in total.

Chris commented: “The economic impacts the country is experiencing at the moment are having a devastating effect on many people. 

“Numerous foodbanks told us stories about their daily interactions with people they support, and we have heard about some very saddening situations.

“That is why we believe it is so important to support and champion the work of these charities.”

To find out more about Food for All, the foodbanks we have supported, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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