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18 Jul 2022

Aaron Higgins, Developer at MIS Active Management SystemsEvery year at MIS Active Management Systems, we hire a placement student to help them develop their employment prospects and introduce them to a potential career.

We are dedicated to nurturing and developing talent and recently, Aaron Higgins has completed his Junior Developer placement year. We are delighted to have taken him on as a full-time Developer following the completion of his Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering. We congratulate Aaron on achieving a 1st class degree, and for being acknowledged as the best performing student at level 6 for the whole cohort.

Why did you apply to do your placement with MIS-AMS?

Aaron said, “I was sent a fair few potential placement opportunities to apply for by the university and many of them where located quite far away. I wanted to stay at home due to personal commitments I had. MIS was located close to where I live and was only a forty-minute drive from home and one of the three companies I successfully received an interview for.”

What has your placement year at MIS-AMS meant to your studies and future employment prospects?

Aaron added, “My placement at MIS taught me how software worked in the real world. I was considering dropping out of university because I didn’t feel like it was for me, but after seeing how software worked outside of the confines of the academic environment, I realised it was what I wanted to do.”

“Going back into final year with the experience I had gained meant that my final year was a lot easier. I adopted technologies used by MIS in a group project which I led, and my dissertation was graded 81%. Without my placement I would have struggled in my final year. In regard to employment, the experienced I gained allowed me to set myself aside from other graduates and if it wasn’t for this job offer, I have no doubt I would have already been employed by another company upon completing my degree over graduates who didn’t do a placement.”

Did you enjoy your placement year? What did you like the most at MIS-AMS?

Aaron continued, “I really enjoyed my placement year. It was a shame I did it all at home. I only went into the office on my first day for an hour or so and for a BBQ in the summer I left but working and contributing towards real software projects was fun and it was cool to see some of the things I had worked on be demonstrated in the user conferences.”

“There was a lot of support for me as a student and no pressure for me to perform but rather to help me learn and develop as a student which has ultimately helped me come back to a permanent role and continue working as if I had never left. I like the people most at MIS, the mobile team is a great environment to work in and I class the team as friends now, not just colleagues.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given and the faith MIS put in me to help me kick start my career and help contribute to the knowledge I had gained which helped me do so well in university.”

Why did you stay following your placement?

Aaron said, “I decided to stay because of the connections I had built with the people I had worked with and because of the domain knowledge I had built up. If I was to go elsewhere, a lot of my time would be spent learning about other companies’ systems. Coming back to MIS, I knew I could get on with work as soon as possible in an environment I am comfortable with and enjoy being a part of. It is also very convenient as they help provide comfortable home working and the office days aren’t far to travel and are beneficial.”

What was it like to work with Aaron during his Junior Developer placement?

We asked James Freeborough, Team Leader in Mobile Development & Support, how he found his experience working with Aaron. James said, “Working with Aaron during his placement was a real pleasure. It was always going to be difficult for him starting his placement during a pandemic and the uncertainty of not knowing when or if we can return to the office, but he embraced it all. He was able to work on ActiveH Web and ActiveH Mobile and took to the challenges well, as it is a steep learning curve. Offering Aaron a full-time position for when he completed his degree was an easy decision as he was already seen as part of the team and not just as a 12-month placement student.”

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