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05 Jul 2016

Lanarkshire Housing Association, that manages an estate of around 920 properties in both North and South Lanarkshire, has chosen an automated text system, customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile CRM solution from MIS AMS

The new solutions will improve communication with residents as well as providing housing and maintenance officers with a mobile solution to gain access to important information while working in the community.

The housing management software called ActiveH will provide Lanarkshire with improved access to customer information including rent accounts, arrears or repairs and maintenance.

“Mobile phones are second nature for a high percentage of tenants and customers using at least one mobile device, and text is accepted as the instant medium of communication, being read within minutes of receipt,” explains Teresa Ward, housing services director, Lanarkshire Housing Association.

“Accordingly, we are delighted to introduce our automated texting system to provide customers with a more efficient and responsive service.”

The SMS solution for Lanarkshire Housing Association provides the ability to text residents if they fall behind with rental payments, and will also provide a medium through which to set up appointments with regards to essential repairs to their homes.

“We’ve been an ActiveH user for many years, but the sector is constantly evolving and we’re constantly upgrading to make sure we keep pace with customer demands, putting our residents at the heart of what we do and communicating with them in a way that they prefer,” said Teresa Ward, housing services director, Lanarkshire Housing Association.

“The mobile CRM will allow staff access to important information whilst on the move provide the ability to help residents when working in the community”.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS said: “Housing associations are working towards the ultimate goal of the ‘digital tenant’ where everyday requests can be dealt with online, whilst value can be added face to face on the doorstep.

“Mobile CRM, SMS and tenant portals provide the most efficient way to communicate with residents about rent and maintenance, leaving staff to do their jobs in the community.”

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