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13 Feb 2017

Housing association, Two Rivers Housing, that manages an estate of 4,000 properties and 6,000 tenants across Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, has taken another step closer to providing omni-channel customer service by implementing MIS AMS software.

The housing association, which first began implementing MIS AMS software in 2003, has worked in close partnership with the Northwich based team over the last year to modernise their repairs and contractors software and make it more user friendly.

The developments have enabled customer appointments to now be booked based on a “favourability” rating and in “clusters” geographically, proving hugely beneficial to the small rural housing association whose stock is spread out over a wide geographical area and whose tradesmen often struggled to meet all their appointment commitments.

“This is a fantastic story of two organisations working closely together to create something spectacular! The new appointment system has already made us more efficient in the handling of customers’ repair requests and this is making our customers happier as they are receiving an improved and quicker level of service.

“Two Rivers are committed to offering customers appointments at first point of contact and within two-hour time slots, if required, and the software enables us to offer this level of service without affecting the efficiency of our small internal contractor!  Staff morale has also improved immensely as the software is a lot easier to use.

“MIS listened to our concerns with previous versions of the software and responded.  They have now delivered a solution that meets the majority of our business requirements and we can now move forward with our aspirations to offer appointments online” explains Maria Hale, Customer Services Manager at Two Rivers Housing.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS said: “The team and I here at MIS are dedicated to giving our customers a very personal level of service and our on-going work with Two Rivers Housing is a clear example of this. We have liaised very closely to create a system that will work just as the team need it too across their organisation and daily tasks. Our system is resolving problems efficiently and costs can be driven down by offering digital alternatives to traditional methods.”

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