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25 Oct 2017

Accent Group, one of MIS AMS’s biggest users of ActiveH has added ‘Mobile Inspector’ to its housing management system. The solution allows Accent to raise repairs within ActiveH and automatically advise the relevant surveyor on their mobile tablet when these works require\ inspection.

Accent has a team of around 20 inspectors who work across an estate of approximately 20,000 homes across five different regions from the North East, through the Midlands and down to Surrey.

As an example a resident might have works undertaken on their property that require an inspection from a surveyor once they are complete.  The system will notify the surveyor of the need for the inspection, and if additional works are required, enable them to raise extra orders for the contractor from the mobile product.

“The perfect situation for us is to have our surveyors out in the field and able to access all the information they need from the system – and be able to update it without having to come into the office or use their laptop.  Mobile Inspector is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle which allows this,” said Jill Jackson, business improvement manager, Accent Group.

“We’ve taken the core ActiveH product which enabled us to allocate inspections from the desktop and added in the workflows and created an end-to-end process which means the surveyors don’t need to use the desktop version – it’s a fully mobile solution.”

The team at Accent have set criteria within the system so that certain types of work, for example ‘voids’, health and safety works or repairs over a pre-defined monetary amount will always be flagged up as requiring a post inspection. Beyond those strict parameters, a further 10% of work orders and repairs must be inspected and Mobile Inspector will help achieve that.

“We were really keen to implement the solution as it streamlines operations for our surveyors and frees up valuable time whilst alerting them to inspections,” explains Jill Jackson.

“Mobile Inspector further supports Accent’s approach to mobile working by empowering our surveyors with the data they need whilst out on the job – no more time consuming manual inputting thanks to the automated system.

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