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12 Mar 2019

In October we welcomed 77 of MIS AMS’s loyal customers as they attended the 15th annual User Conference. As a very busy and informative day commenced, we ensured we stole a little of the day to capture valuable customer feedback. We are delighted with the responses we got, so a big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our questionnaire.

The team here at MIS are always keen to see and hear what our customers think and feel, as well as what they believe needs attention to improve their experience with us. We are currently analysing the data but are are very proud to share some of the comments you made below. We are particularly proud that 100% of you told us that you’d recommend MIS-AMS to another company.

Don’t worry; if you didn’t have time to fill your form in, late is better than never! We would still welcome your feedback and this can be sent in an email to

We also want to say ‘cheers’ to Berni McEwan at Leathermarket, who won the bottle of champagne in our prize draw – we hope you enjoy it!

We look forward to the next conference and hopefully welcoming some new faces along to the day.


Here’s what some of you had to say about the day:

“The content of the talks was good and widely relevant”

“Good balance between presentations and time to network with MIS and other organisations”

“The venue was excellent. The day was very well planned. Its really nice to put a face to a name.”

“It felt informal – Spending time with the developers going through the upcoming changes. It was nice to see how comfortable users felt about asking questions too. It was informative, relaxed and a great venue.”

“That the technical content was kept to an absolute minimum and that I could understand everything being explained!”

“I liked the structure of the day allowing you time to see various sessions and the breakout time allowing you to catch up with your own colleagues and other users”

“It was interesting to see what you’ve been working on and where things are moving forward to.”

“The whole conference was very good”

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