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18 Mar 2019

The next generation of ActiveH Mobile, is now fully available as an installable app on iOS, Android or Windows Desktop based devices.

Each module has spent approximately one year going through a UI/UX improvement process. From the browser based HTML5 system to the new fully integrated App. The final module to be converted was Mobile CRM, this was released at the MIS AMS User Conference in October.

ActiveH Mobile is one App designed for a multi-skilled work force covering CRM, Repairs Inspections, Survey forms, Tasking, Repairs Inspections, Workforce and Stock Management. For more information and its functionality please see below.

What is ActiveH and what’s the new App?

ActiveH is a fully integrated solution with all aspects of the HMS, mobile and customer / contractor portals accommodated on one single database. ActiveH Mobile is the app for integrating into ActiveH. ActiveH Mobile is now available as an installable App for iOS, Android and Windows devices and works in both an on-line and off-line environment. Offering all your staff the ability to manage their work out in the field returning immediate business benefits and a better customer experience.

What are its features?

Standard features include full offline capability, diary recording, customisable alerts and warnings, customisable information displays and document attachments.

Integration to various EDRM systems is also available.

ActiveH Mobile also covers various areas which can be made available to each user where required.


What can it do?

Mobile Tasking

It offers the ActiveH Tasking functionality out in the field allowing users to complete, record actions and create tasks simply and quickly from a mobile device.

Mobile Surveys is a form building tool

It offers team members like housing officers the ability to carry out estate walkabouts and tenancy reviews. Mobile Surveys also allows asset management the ability to carry out stock condition surveys. Survey forms can be pre-sent or on demand. All this information can be controlled and managed by a user.

Mobile Inspector

Offers anyone the ability to go to a property and undertake an inspection and allows a work schedule to be logged and created to form a works order.

Mobile Contractor

Offers an organisation the option for operatives to complete work on a mobile device and receive their next schedule (in advance if required). This integrates to the ActiveH scheduler or Kirona DRS.

Mobile CRM

Offers customer services on a mobile device with the ability to understand a tenant’s recent engagements with your organisations, understanding all the information about a tenant’s rent account and to also carry out activities and get these automated or tasked to the back office.

It’s all in the detail…

All the mobile applications provide real-time updates, not data warehoused, no information is ever duplicated.  There is no need for interfaces between any of these applications and the back-office ActiveH system as the solution is totally integrated.

MIS AMS believe we are the only supplier in the market with such true integration to all aspects including mobile.

Existing MIS AMS customers can learn more about these developments by clicking here

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