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18 Mar 2019

Bristol Charities, a provider of social housing in Bristol and South Wales, has implemented MIS-AMS ActiveH Lite. ActiveH Lite an entry-level housing management solution that will help the charity manage 88 units, mostly within Almshouses. The charity also has plans to add around a further 60 units this year.

“We were using an accounts system and spreadsheets that were simply becoming cumbersome and no longer tailored for our growth – we were making do which isn’t ideal,” explains Andy Dixon, financial director, Bristol Charities.
“What we wanted was a fit-for-purpose system that would make us more efficient and transparent – one that could generate rent statements for tenants and help our team members look after tenants’ needs more closely.”
Bristol Charities has chosen MIS AMS ActiveH Lite, not least because it also delivers an entry-level CRM system that helps remote employees access real-time information when they’re out visiting their schemes and allows them to upload their notes to the system to keep things up to date whilst they’re on the go.
“ActiveH Lite means that we have a system that makes our lives much easier, whilst providing all the functionality we need in terms of generating statements and keeping our remote employees ahead of the curve,” said Andy Dixon.
“The remote working is an enormous bonus to the team – having the information they need about rents at their fingertips whilst also being able to capture important information about tenants such as next of kin details, information about disabilities or alert warnings.”
The charity can also see how the system will scale with any growth should it be required, so there won’t be any need to go back to the drawing board in a few years’ time.
“ActiveH Lite is a business not a finance system – and although rent statements were a key driver for purchasing, it provides Bristol Charities with joined up thinking. It ticks all the boxes – suitable, scalable and supported by a committed customer service team at MIS AMS.”
Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS said: “Many smaller housing authorities think that they can’t afford a system with the functionality they’d like to see from an entry-level HMS system – but they’d be wrong.”
“ActiveH Lite has got everything they need – from rent and arrears to a basic level CRM system combined with remote access – it’s all there, and totally scalable as the organisation grows. We’re pleased to be able to support and help Bristol Charities in its growth.”
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