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Very good, this is exactly what we needed as there has been no formal/consistent training – Very helpful, clear training. Delivered well and very knowledgeable.
Sue Yardley



Many thanks for all your hard work on the recent project mergers.  I know it can be a struggle with us sometimes, but we really do appreciate the effort you all put in.
Barbara Haggan
Choice Housing


Alastair, thank you for working the weekend and getting us this far with the Service Charge project – I really appreciate the work and effort that you have put in on this project. (it wasn’t the easiest at the start! – but I hope it got better!).
Andrea Matthews
Spectrum Housing
Would just like to convey my personal gratitude to Alastair Heaton  for a job well done this weekend on the Service Charges Project - as things appear to have gone without a hitch judging by today’s activity.
Tony Blows
Spectrum Housing Group
MIS developer Dave Evans’ knowledge of the system is phenomenal his level of understanding of the repairs element is unbelievable, I take my hat off to him. There are 8 of us and all impatient to learn, he led the sessions well keeping us under control.
Scott Fincham
WM Housing Group
Workflow API for Bottomline – Simon Stiles has been extremely helpful and responsive in delivering this for us, questions were asked and he responded very quickly. He explained things extremely well and suggested a change to help make it even better.
Donna Chance
Bromford Housing
We have started a major project to implement ActiveH and looking forward to realising the efficiency and effectiveness of the system in delivering improved services to customers.
Helen Routledge
Gateway Housing
We had a successful first day of response repair appointment in the Contact Centre – the day coincided with peak calls which would have been challenging on their own without the whole team starting a new way of working but I am delighted to report that all went well.
Helen Hann
Spectrum Housing
The Single Bank Account Project – The efficiency savings that will be reaped by my Income Recovery Team are significant and we will be particularly appreciative of this in the coming weeks as we are building new direct debits around our rent review in April.
Helen Hann
Spectrum Housing
Many thanks to Daniel Garbett for the excellent training he gave for Vibrance. I deal with dozens of 3rd party support people and he is easily one of the best i have come across, very knowledgeable and with a nothing is too much trouble attitude.
Gary Wain
Good to see MIS-AMS top of the bill for Asset Management, well done.
Lee Paxton
The objective; To improve business efficiency by implementing the ActiveH MWS Contractors and achieving seamless integration. Both Housing Plus & MIS Project Teams worked well together to deliver the 6 week project on time and in budget.
Stuart Stephen
Housing Plus
Customer Portal – Our Account Manager advised us that the Customer Portal may offer a practical and affordable solution and after seeing the demonstration it became apparent that the product was ideal for our purposes.
Richard Cross
Vibrance Housing
Customer Portal – The implementation was well handled, MIS were keen to ensure we had a product we were proud of. Equally pleasing was the determination of MIS to make the system as personal and reflective of our organisation as possible.
Richard Cross
Vibrance Housing
Project Unity at Two Rivers Housing – On behalf of Two Rivers, I would like to thank the MIS implementer for the excellent support he has provided throughout this phase of the project with regard to the ActiveH Lettings Module.
Liz Coates
Two Rivers Housing
Congratulations on the recent Housing Technology report, you guys achieved an excellent set of results! Please pass on my extended congratulations to all Directors and Staff.
Tony Blows
Spectrum Housing
MIS’s scores suggest that organisations can now have their cake and eat it – a best of breed system in the eyes of their customer but with all the benefits of integration.
Independent consultant
Johnnie Johnson Housing
Have you seen the Housing Technology Review of IT Suppliers report? Take a bow…it looks like a clean sweep for MIS. Well done to all.
Micheal O’Braonain
Respond Housing
Housing Officers have stated that the ease of use and functionality within the ActiveH Rents system has saved them 50% of their time in managing their arrears compared to the previous system and new staff find it so easy to use.
Steve Hayes
Raglan HA
With small configuration changes to this flexible system, I estimate we have saved up to twelve days every month in the finance department. I am very impressed!
John Watkins
Two Rivers Housing

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