Asset Management

There is no doubt that managing your assets effectively will help you increase business efficiency and help you to make informed business decisions.

ActiveH is the smart choice for housing and asset management​

Asset management software is a great tool for any housing authority or organisation to better manage and track housing assets. It provides a comprehensive way to track and manage all aspects of housing assets, from occupancy rates to maintenance and repairs, as well as tracking income and expenses.

Benefits of ActiveH solutions:

ActiveH Asset Management Solutions

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  • Asset, land, estate and unit property management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Life cycle costing and modelling
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Asbestos register
  • HHSRS, SHQs, WHQS reporting
  • Electrical Checks
  • Gas servicing
  • Stock condition survey
  • Bulk imports and exports

Inefficient processes can arise from time-consuming, manual-based tasks which over time, can considerably affect your operating costs. Planned Maintenance replaces the need for manual-based processes with automated workflows, so that you can streamline your maintenance management processes.

Planned Maintenance is a comprehensive solution for any maintenance professional. Having evolved over 30 years with involvement from many housing associations, this solution is designed to offer comprehensive functionality, saving you time, and increasing productivity. It offers an automated solution to help manage gas servicing, fire risk assessments, Legionella testing or any other form of cyclical management.

  • Minimise downtime
  • Improve work quality
  • Maintain compliance
  • Better planning
  • Extend asset life
  • Reduce costs
  • Plans
  • Programmes
  • Full Tender
  • Payment Management 

The Smoothing and Modelling solution can factor in a range of criteria when generating planned maintenance programmes. Once an agreed programme has been approved it can be published and be accessible by colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Once the base programme has been created, the system offers the ability for the user to apply different spend profiles over time via an extremely intuitive and interactive graphical model. Planned maintenance spend can be ”smoothed” to match the reality of available budgets year on year. This ensures that the programme generated is realistic, ensuring that it can be delivered within available budgets.

  • Smooth spend
  • Optimise data
  • Easy to use
  • Planned approach
  • Maintain compliance
  • Better focus

Whether it is Estate Management, contact surveys or Stock Condition Surveys, our Surveys solution allows you the flexibility to create surveys that are unique and relevant to you. Offering real-time posting back into the ActiveH system removes the need for double entry and keeps your system truly up to date.

Benefits of Asset Management

Maintain Compliance

You are less likely to have compliance issues when you use asset management software.

Real-Time Information

All the data that is stored in the cloud can be accessed if you have an Internet connection, providing you with increased accessibility.

Reduced Admin

Automated processes reduce the need for manual tasks which leads to an increase in productivity.

Save Time

Asset management software implements automation and integrates with other platforms, all with the aim of saving managers time.

Better Communication

Send reminders for outstanding orders, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page regarding deadlines and payments.

Better Reporting

Better data allows you to generate more in-depth reports about your assets and identify improvements across your organisation.

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