Mobile Working Solutions

Mobile working allows businesses to evolve with new ways of working. With ActiveH Mobile Working Solutions (MWS), you can drive a digital approach to all aspects of your business and mobilise all aspects of field work out in the community.

Mobile Working Solutions

Mobile housing management solutions make it possible for housing managers to manage their properties from anywhere. These solutions streamline communication and help housing managers save time and money by automating mundane tasks. With mobile apps, managers are able to respond to maintenance requests and tenant inquiries quickly and efficiently.

We offer a variety of mobile solutions that are all are seamlessly integrated with the central ActiveH system, with updates passed to and from the relevant solutions as repairs, inspections, surveys, and tenant visits are carried out and completed.

Benefits of ActiveH CRM:

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ActiveH Mobile Working Solutions

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  • Get real-time access to all parts of the ActiveH system with full visibility of communications activity history.
  • Being able to enquire, action and update information whilst on the road is a key business requirement.
  • Offering access to all parts of the ActiveH system in a real-time environment, CRM gives you the ability take your Customer Relationship Management to the next level.

Get full access to contractors work schedules and relevant information about the property and its occupants.

This provides operatives with the information they need to know about the property and people, as well as a work schedule that can be managed by them.

Real-time job monitoring and job costing analysis is also made available, allowing you to see and track resource availability, as well as manage your teams efficiently.

Built into the ActiveH Mobile Contractors is the ability to manage update and request additional stock directly from the supplier and updating real-time with the ActiveH Stock Management system.

  • Inspections can be received and completed in real-time on a mobile device.
  • Posting to the Contractors Web Portal allows external contractors to pick them up and complete them.
  • Mobile Inspector offers the ability to carry out on-site inspections and record full job schedules, the Inspector module negates the need to take a checklist with you and tick off the relevant work that is required.
  • Utilising either narrative or Schedule of Rate entries, Inspector will allow work to be created and rectified quicker and more cost effectively.
  • The intuitive and flexible survey designer makes it incredibly easy to design and generate any type of property or person based survey.
  • Whether it is Estate Management, Contact surveys or Stock Condition Surveys, our Surveys solution allows you the flexibility to create surveys that are unique and relevant to you.
  • Offering real-time posting back into the ActiveH system removes the need for double entry and keeps your system truly up to date.

Generate new tasks for colleagues whilst they are working in the neighbourhoods.

Keep track of key tasks where service and time constraints are critical with the ability to track where a task is up to, who currently is the owner of the task and how the task has moved through the business.

Benefits of Mobile Working

Online and Offline

Interact with data from anywhere, both online and offline, and update tasks in real-time. This gives everyone access to a real-time unified view of your customers and assets.

Save Time

Spend more time out in the field than in the office, allowing you to get more tasks done in a day and reduce admin work.

Cutting-Edge System

Offering real-time posting back into the ActiveH system removes the need for double entry and keeps your system truly up to date.

Track Tasks

Keep track of key events where time is critical. Track where a task is up to, who currently is the owner of the task and how the task has moved through the business.


Enquire, action, and update information whilst on the road with full "in-office" functionality. You no longer have to re-visit the office at the end of the day.

Better Relationships

Take your customer relationship management to the next level by providing your workforce with a 360° view of your tenants, on any device, wherever they are.

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