Reporting & Analytics

Generate reporting aligned to the HACT Data Standards​, make sense of the data that you have and identify patterns that support decision-making.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics offer powerful tools that can be used to develop a clear audit trail and unlock the power of your data.

Businesses that take care of collecting, updating and creating quality data are typically more successful. ActiveH offers various reporting and analytics solutions that span across all ActiveH modules and external applications.

Incline-IT support ActiveH with a scalable, low-cost, reporting and analytics platform with best practice for Housing Associations using ActiveH or any HACT standard HMS.

Benefits of ActiveH Reporting and Analytics:

ActiveH Reporting and Analytics Solutions

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The ARC (Annual Return of the Charter) regulatory report is a set of standard key performance indicators that organisations are required to report to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

MIS Active Management Systems have developed a standard report connecting to our Best Practice approach, using the latest Technical Guidance provided by the Scottish Housing Regulator, which gives customers an almost one click solution when completing their ARC return. The ARC report may also be used to review the organisations performance and assist in the creation of KPI reports for Management and Board meetings.

The ActiveH Business Intelligence Reporting module turns your housing data into information that can be harnessed to shape and monitor your service delivery.

From strategic scorecards, KPI information, through to operational awareness, our Business Intelligence solution provides all users with a role-based view, right from the point they enter the system. From each report, users can view summaries and trends, access the detail that it was created from, then drilldown into system areas directly from a clickable link to easily view specific elements of data.

If there is a requirement for bespoke reporting to suit your business needs, it is easy to customise reports. An in-depth computer or database knowledge is not necessary to tailor reports to your requirements and full training is naturally provided as part of the package.

Business intelligence Reporting Features

  • Over 260 standard reports grouped by application area
  • Reporting access controlled by user role
  • Modify and tailor reports to individual needs.
  • Separate report server or replication supported
  • Reports across all ActiveH modules and external applications.
  • Dashboards with ‘traffic light views’ and default user reports supported
  • One-Click filtering on multiple criteria
  • Fully integrated into the ActiveH Desktop
  • Full drill-down back into the ActiveH system to allow updates to be completed while reviewing report.
  • Extractable in many other industry standard formats

Smart Browser is an easy to use and intuitive non-technical ActiveH user reporting tool. It allows the creation of ad-hoc operational reports to address the simple questions like who? how many? where? and when?

Smart Browser reports are simple and effective reports that can be saved for repeated use, and made available to colleagues where appropriate. They are easily exportable for analysis and can be linked to mail merge to generate an ad-hoc contact letter for emails or text messages. They are designed to give power back to the ActiveH end users and limit IT involvement.

Key Features

  • 43 business areas to report
  • Information linked together automatically by the system
  • System defaults to most commonly needed information
  • Information displayed, sort sequence and selection criteria by under user control
  • Fully integrated into the ActiveH modules
  • Full drill-down back into the system to allow updates to be completed while reviewing the report.
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Text, RTF and many other industry standard formats

The Smoothing and Modelling solution can factor in a range of criteria when generating planned maintenance programmes. Once an agreed programme has been approved it can be published and be accessible by colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Once the base programme has been created, the system offers the ability for the user to apply different spend profiles over time via an extremely intuitive and interactive graphical model. Planned maintenance spend can be ”smoothed” to match the reality of available budgets year on year. This ensures that the programme generated is realistic, ensuring that it can be delivered within available budgets.

  • Smooth spend
  • Optimise data
  • Easy to use
  • Planned approach
  • Maintain compliance
  • Better focus

Benefits of Reporting and Analytics Software in Housing

Harness information

Modify and tailor reports to individual needs and identify customer trends and patterns to get a clearer understanding of reality.

Save time

Allowing reports to be created across all areas of the business improves productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.


Get instant access to accurate, up-to-date information that is needed to make informed decisions to boost efficiency.

Faster input

Full drill-down back into the system improves the completeness and quality of your reports as you can review and make updates at the same time.

Better output

You can get a list of works orders awaiting authorisation in a particular scheme to identify potential problems early, when you still have time to act on them.

Increase communication

Having quality data readily available and clearly communicating it through mail merge builds trust in your organisation.

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