Housing management system

Developed in-house in the UK, ActiveH offers an intelligent housing management software solution that harnesses the latest developments in technology for the housing market in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Housing management software can be an invaluable tool for landlords, property managers, and tenants, offering a variety of benefits. From streamlining the rental process to increasing communication and accountability, a good housing management system can make managing a property much easier and more efficient.

ActiveH offers a proven alternative to fragmented legacy applications, simplifying and automating housing management processes. This truly integrated housing management system offers a comprehensive software solution for:

  • Estate management
  • Landlords
  • Social enterprises
  • Social housing associations
  • Local authorities.
Your one-stop source for innovative housing management software:

The Results

A Single Source of Truth

Real-time, two-way updates maintain a single source of truth and provide real-time job monitoring and job cost analysis.

Enhance Visibility and Control

Gain visibility across all of your teams using clean data, and improve control over your tasks.

Reduce Costs and Admin Time

Improving the quality of your services saves times and reduces costs. This enables you to focus more time on your high level, strategic objectives.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Automate inefficient manual processes and move away from legacy systems to deliver outstanding housing services in all areas.

Process and Service Optimisation

Streamline processes and improve your operational efficiency by moving away from manual, legacy tasks that can be optimised through automation.

Excellent Customer Experience

Common issues can be solved rapidly and shared as best practice to all of our customers as we work together as a community.

The History of ActiveH


Shape the future of ActiveH

In 2015, Chris McLaughlin took over as Managing Director from his father. Chris was excited to take what his father had built and look to the future and this has lead MIS-AMS to spin up new innovations. 

ActiveH is under continuous development, not just to maintain compliance with legislative changes, but also to harness the latest developments in technology to stay at the forefront of delivering feature rich, highly usable and extremely scalable business solutions to the housing market.

The key to our ongoing success is our flexible approach, whilst ensuring compatibility and scalability in matching business problems with the appropriate solutions.

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MIS Retain Security Accreditation

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