ActiveH Web

ActiveH Web is a new product which provides the core features currently available in ActiveH Desktop, designed specifically for the web.

ActiveH Web

This uses the same business engine as ActiveH Desktop, and is designed to operate in a web browser and hosted environment. The focus of this product is on the areas of the system that undergo the most frequent use – i.e. daily data entry screens as well and many queries and analysis

Benefits of ActiveH Web:

The initial release of ActiveH Web provides the key functions for a CRM operative.

The areas available are: –

  • Home page – critical info – security respect – GDPR
  • CRM Call entry (Contact Search / Contact Dashboard / Contact timeline)
  • Contact Update
  • Rent Account Summary / Financial / Arrears Management
  • Raising / chasing Repairs
  • Task management

ActiveH Web

ActiveH-Web is being enhanced and developed every day to bring more functionality online. The next set of features to be released later this year are:

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